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Blogging Made Easy by Pam

Why Every Blog Needs A Sales Funnel To Be Profitable

Why Every Blog Needs A Sales Funnel To Be Profitable

Why Every Blog Needs A Sales Funnel To Be Profitable


What Are Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the path on your website that leads a visitor towards the purchase of your product or service. It includes systems and tools that you put in place in order to capture that lead who will eventually become a buyer.


Types of Sales Funnel

There are several types of sales Funnel. As a blogger, you can customize your funnel depending on the type of product or service you are selling.


A few examples of sales funnel used by bloggers are the following:

  • Lead Funnels – this is similar to the opt-in funnel. You are giving away a freebie that could be in the form of a video, file, or e-book in exchange for your audience’s email. It can be a survey funnel, application funnel, Ask campaign funnel, or bridge funnel


  • Buyer Funnels – is similar to the tripwire, sales, or video funnels. It is used to sell a product or service. It can be a 2-Step Tripwire funnel, video sales letter funnel, sales letter funnel, or membership funnel


  • Event Funnels – webinar and product launch funnels are considered event funnels.


  • Follow-up Funnels – these are the type of automation funnels that you put in place to nurture or follow up your new leads after they sign up.


Customer Journey
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The Customer’s Journey


There are multiple stages of a sales funnel that coincides with the customers’ journey.

  • Awareness is the first step where you get your customers’ attention to a freebie offer or an interesting post on your site. It could be a Facebook ad, a landing page on your website with an enticing offer, or a Pinterest pin linked to your post.


  •  Interest is the stage when a customer is interested in what you offer, they start comparing or going through your offer and thinking of what other options they have.


  • Decision stage is the point where the customer is ready to buy. This is the point where you can start offering free shipping, bonuses, coupons, or discounts.


  • Action is when the customer purchases the product. This is the point where you need to retain and nurture the customer.


A customer does not always reach the end of the funnel. Some of them stay at the top of the funnel or Awareness stage.


The 3 basic tools you will need to create a sales funnel:


  • A software to create landing pages such as Mailerlite.


  • An Autoresponder to use to send your free opt-in offer to your new lead and also use it to send the nurture email once the customer signs up. This can be Convertkit, Mailchimp or Mailerlite.


How to Get People Into Your Sales Funnel:

  • Make sure your blog is focused on a specific niche


  • Create an Irresistible Offer


  • Continue to connect and nurture your customers whether they purchase or not the first time they reach your funnel.


If your sales funnel is not designed correctly or if it is unattractive, you will have fewer chances of capturing leads. So, it is very important to have an effective sales funnel.

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