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Top 7 Freelance Work From Home Side Hustles

Top 7 Freelance  Work From Home Side Hustles

Side Hustles You Can Do While You Work From Home


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There has never been an easier time to set up a freelance side hustle where you can work from home than now.  But don’t quit your day job yet. With the use of your laptop or desktop, a side hustle can be done easily if you have the skills or are willing to learn a skill.


Technology has really made it possible for us to set up our own businesses within the confines of our homes. Starting with a side hustle and creating a long-term plan to ditch your full-time job is not impossible.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who has the talent to start a freelance side hustle that has the possibility to turn into a business this is the moment for you. Brainstorm and list down the skills you have that you can use and develop into a business.


And since you are already skilled in that line of business, your startup cost will be minimal and you can keep your day job in the meantime. You can also use tools and resources that you are already familiar with.


Once your side hustle starts bringing in income and you feel it will demand more of your time and attention, then you can decide if it is time to separate from your job.


Here are 7 Freelancing options or careers you can get into as a side hustle while working a full-time job. There is a long list of freelance side hustles you can get into, but here are my top 7 picks that I believe you can grow into a full-time business of your own.


1. Freelance web designer and development


Out of all the roles featured on this list, a web designer role requires a little more expertise. This requires the qualification and work experience of a coder or developer. Most freelance web developers will also need to test the site they developed since their doing everything on their own.

The good news is, that there are a lot of resources online you can have handy to keep yourself up with the latest tools and techniques in web development.

This is particularly a lucrative role that could provide an opportunity to earn a great income. Businesses are constantly looking to have websites designed or updated. So, you’ll never run out of clients in this career. It can be done remotely, and you don’t have to give up your full-time job when you start freelancing.


VA Side Hustle


2. Freelance virtual assistant


Virtual assistants are always in demand. As the number of small businesses expands, business owners need to delegate tasks to work on more important matters and to save money by hiring a freelance remote virtual assistant.


A VA or Virtual Assistant provides support to companies or small businesses. This can include data entry, handling phone and email communication for the business, and scheduling appointments.


Some VA’s specializes in social media management. They might also be tasked to write content or review their clients’ analytics. They may be responsible for creating web content, Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, Facebook posts, or LinkedIn Posts. At a minimum, they might need Canva knowledge to create these posts and pins.


Virtual Assistants work remotely and are mostly responsible for their own equipment such as laptops or desktops. The client and the VA need to communicate clearly in terms of tasks, deadlines, payment, and expectations.



Learn Canva


3. Freelance marketer


Another great freelancing opportunity is to become a marketer. Digital marketing is huge right now and it’s forever changing. Many businesses simply don’t have the time, or the know-how to market their brand online.


You’ll find a lot of courses on digital marketing you can take online. This will give you the knowledge required to start offering freelance marketing services. You could also specialize in email marketing or social media marketing. There is a huge demand for it today and the workload varies.


4. Freelance writer


If you have a way with words, freelance writing is another opportunity available. You need to know how to write documents such as newsletters, emails, reports, presentations, or write good copy to promote brands.


Whether you want to write web content for businesses, blogs, reviews, or even product descriptions; there’s a type of writing you can get into to fit your preferences.


Whatever you’re interested in, you’ll be able to write about it while getting paid.


There are plenty of opportunities for freelance writers in social media, digital marketing, content marketing, advertising, and other fields that outsource writers.


5. Freelance graphics designer


If you are creative and have experience or skill with graphic designing, this is one skill that is in demand these days. Companies need graphic designers every day to create ads and social media posts. A lot of companies outsource these types of jobs.


Today, companies are competing in capturing their audience or buyers’ attention through visuals. They constantly communicate and advertise their brands through images, videos, and text.


Your typical clients will be big business brands, bloggers, marketing companies, teachers, writers, or anybody needing your service for marketing or for creating a product.


This side hustle pays well and doesn’t require much capital to get started and there are clients available. You just need to establish relationships with the right client and keep up with the latest graphic trends that catch the consumer’s attention.


7. Freelance accountant


Accountancy is a good freelancing career choice. The demand for accountants keeps rising as more people are getting into self-employment.


You can provide a competitive freelance accountancy service to all kinds of businesses and start-ups.


Freelance accounting is not limited to just preparing tax returns but also being up to date with tax laws, tax-saving measures, any financial-related work, and the efficiency of using the software needed for the job. You won’t need much in the way of capital and you’ll find it is easy to generate new clients.


These are my top 7 freelancing career picks that I believe you can do from home. Each one will have different pros and cons and income will also vary.


However, when thinking of freelancing, consider what you’re interested in and how you can manage your time. There are lots of great freelancing opportunities. So, no matter what your skills or hobbies are, you’ll find an opportunity that will suit you.


Once you have decided, spread the word that you are offering that type of service and clients will come.


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