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Blogging Made Easy by Pam

How To Create a Pinterest Pin

How To Create a Pinterest Pin

How To Create a Pinterest Pin


The Pinterest Pin


How to create a Pinterest pin is one of the things a new blogger needs to learn. Pinterest is a visual search engine. Just like Google and YouTube, you do your search using keywords on the Pinterest search bar. When you search through Pinterest, the search results will return in the form of pins.  If you click on each pin that comes up from your search result, you will be connected to the product or content website which is the source of the information you are looking for.


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Just A Heads Up Before You Start


Here are important Pinterest guidelines in creating a pin:

  • Pins must be vertical. If you create a horizontal pin, most likely, it will be cut off on the side.


  • Pinterest has different Pin types.
    • Normal Pinterest Pins
    • Video Pins
    • Carousel Pins
    • Idea Pins


  • Pin size follows the 2:3 ratio up to a certain size. These are the most common size ratio used (w:h).
    • Normal Pinterest Pins: 1000X1500
    • Video Pins: 1000 X 1500
    • Carousel Pins: 1000 X 1500
    • Idea Pins: 1080 X 1920


  • Use colors that represent your brand.


  • Use images that represent your message


  • Add a text overly describing your product or message


  • Use words that describe or relate to the topic


  • Add your logo, brand statement, or URL to your pin.


Marketing Your Product with Pinterest
Know the Pinterest requirements for your Pins to get more clicks.


Tools You Can Use For Creating Your Pins


There are many tools available to create Pinterest pins. One of the most popular tools used by bloggers is CanvaIt is available in a free or paid version. I started with the free version and have created so many gorgeous pins. As I need more functionality, I moved to the paid version. If you create your pin in Canva, you can download it as a JPEG or PNG file. Create a couple of pins for each post on your website.

Free stock photos are also available online. Just a word of advice, even if it is free, make sure to read the terms before using it. Gorgeous stock photos are also available from Styled Stock SocietyCreativeLive and OhTilly.


Uploading Your Pin To Pinterest


Use your Pinterest Save button to upload your pins to Pinterest. Follow the steps on my post on How To Install the Pinterest Save Button on your Google Chrome or Firefox extension.


Click here to learn more about how to start using Pinterest for your marketing online.

Create Pinterest Pins
How To Create Pinterest Pins







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